July 22, 2014

Tips for a NY State Vehicle Donation

It can be hard to let go of a vehicle that has served you well, especially when your work requires you to shuffle from say, Manhattan, to somewhere in Long Island or Brooklyn. When you decide to go through the process of a car donation, there are steps to ensure that everything turns out well.  

Have the various relevant documents ready when preparing the vehicle for a donation, such as the title to the car and all service records. The title will have a transfer section that you must fill out.  If you’ve somehow lost the title, arrange with the state Department of Motor Vehicles for a Form MV902─ an Application for Duplicate Vehicle Title─ acquire the replacement file, and fill it out as necessary. Document the vehicle’s last odometer reading, sign a damage disclosure statement, and surrender the plates to the DMV.

Everything else will be taken care of by your reliable car donation service!

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