July 29, 2014

Things that are Better than Owning a Car

Owning a car isn’t as convenient as it sounds. Sure, it can take you easily to places, but you’ll have to deal with gasoline prices, traffic jams, car repair costs, etc. There are other things better than owning a car, and these are four of them.

  • Walking – A car may be fast, but walking isn’t so bad either. It is quite easy to do, it benefits you’re body, and more importantly, it’s free! You’ll enjoy strolling the streets with your loved ones more than staying in the car during some traffic jam situations.
  • Biking – If you want to be fast in a more environment-friendly way, go biking! Biking is also a good type of exercise. Owning a bike is cheaper, requires less maintenance, and doesn’t require gasoline to run.
  • Public Transport – Safety is an important aspect of traveling, and public transport has been one of the safest options for travel. Hop on a train and meet lots of people. Ride the bus and strike conversations with passengers.
  • Renting a Car – If you really enjoy driving without the hassles of owning one, why not rent a car when you need it? It’s less costly and more convenient; all you have to do is return it. 

Don’t feel bad about owning a car just yet, though. You can sell it or give it to one of your relatives. There’s another option: you can donate your car. It will be put to good use and it will also help your favorite charity. 

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