August 19, 2014

Donating Old Cars is Easy and Worthwhile

Aside from giving cash to your favorite charity, you can also donate your old car to a non-profit organization, regardless of the condition of the vehicle. Turning to this method of helping the needy is beneficial for both charities and donors as this offers an alternative source of funds as well as a legal way to claim tax credits.

Donating old cars to charitable institutions and non-profits is easy! All the potential donors need to do is contact IRS-qualified charity or charity partner regarding their intent to donate a used automobile as an altruistic gesture. Charitable institutions or their representatives can then set a schedule for the car to be picked up from anywhere in the country. 

This alternative method of donating to philanthropy is worthwhile because donors get to enjoy two advantages in giving their old cars away for the benefit of the needy. One of these benefits is the solace that these car owners feel when they know that their old vehicles still have an important purpose to serve. The second advantage is that car donors can get tax credit for their contributions; this can then be used in claiming deductions from taxable income.

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