August 28, 2014

Where Does Your Donated Car Go?

One of the good things about donating a car is the knowledge that you could help a worthy charity, and at the same time, that you will have more savings to spend for you and your family’s needs. Donating your car is indeed a very generous thing to do. But what exactly happen after you give your car to your chosen charity and bid your vehicle goodbye?

The usual route is to sell the car to either resellers or recyclers through an auction. This helps a non-profit organization get more funds for their advocacy. A car reseller will buff up your car and sell it again, while a recycler will dismantle the vehicle and sell the parts. Either way, your car will still help your charity financially in the end.

You might have had plenty of memories and a good run with your car, but for your charity, your vehicle will extend much-needed help to their chosen cause. Donate your car today and make a difference.

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